The Benefits Of A Mini-Split Heat Pump

If you live in the northern half of the USA, then cooling is likely not one of your main concerns. In fact, a basement or rooms on the north side of your home likely don't need much cooling at all. Thus, using a central-air cooling system to push cool air to every room in your home will waste electricity. If you need some cooling, but you want to make sure that you cool your home as efficiently as possible, you should consider installing a mini-split heat pump. Read More 

Understanding Your Central Air Conditioning When You’ve Moved From Individual Units To A Whole House System

If you have decided to go from separate window units to a whole house system to keep your home cool, there are a number of things you should understand about your central air conditioning. This type of air conditioning is more efficient than using window units, and you will save money on cooling costs once your system is installed. Air is brought into your condenser, dehumidified and cooled, and then travels into your home through the network of ducts and supply vents. Read More 

Air Conditioning Protection And Maintenance

You waited all winter for things to warm up, and now, before you know it, things are going to get hot. Soon, you'll be running the air conditioner, probably your number one survival item for blistering summers. Often, you have at least one breakdown every season. You can limit these issues by being protective of your HVAC system. Pre-Season Checks Before you start up your unit, you need to check things over. Read More 

How To Test The Hard Start Capacitor In A Central AC Unit

A central air conditioning unit turns on when an electrical signal is sent from the thermostat inside your home. The start-up process requires a supply of electricity to get all the parts going. The boost comes from a start capacitor, which is a little piece that stores extra electricity and provides an added boost of electricity. If your unit is older, a previous owner or tech might have installed a hard start capacitor, which provides an even larger boost than a normal start capacitor and can make an older, less efficient unit more efficient. Read More 

Want Instant Hot Water In Your Kitchen And Bathroom?

If you turn on the hot water in your kitchen and bathroom and have to sit there and wait for it to get hot, this wastes a lot of water. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make the water turn hot much quicker. Insulate the Water Heater and Pipes Newer water heaters have very good insulation, but older ones don't. If you have an old water heater, you can add some insulation so you can get hot water faster. Read More