Understanding The Causes Of Water Around Your Air Conditioner

When your home has central air conditioning, the last thing you expect to see around the air conditioning unit is water. After all, air conditioners don't hold water, so there's really no source of water to lead to that kind of accumulation. So, what does it mean when you start seeing water around your air conditioner? Here are some of the things you need to know. Condensation The water you're seeing around the base of your air conditioner could simply be condensation. Read More 

Prep Now For An Energy Efficient HVAC System

Now is the time to start thinking about the condition of your furnace and HVAC system. Is it old and outdated? Or maybe you bought a cheaper model just to get by because your budget was tight. Summer and fall is the perfect time to start thinking about how to get the most out of your furnace and make it run effectively and efficiently during the colder months. Have the Air Ducts Cleaned and Replace Air Filter Read More 

What To Know About Your Heating System

Having a working heating system is probably a necessity during the colder months. A broken heater can mean uncomfortable or even dangerous conditions inside your home when temperatures drop. However, many homeowners don't pay much attention to their heating system unless it is obviously in need of repair or replacement. Staying on top of your heating system is a must for keeping your home comfortable during the fall and winter months. Read More 

Why Does Your Air Conditioner Put Out Foul Air?

As summer approaches, you're getting ready to put out your air conditioner for the season. You may already have this unit out, which is a great thing to do so you know it's working well. You turn on your AC unit and blast cold air, but then you smell something foul. What is going on? Why does your air conditioner release stinky air? What can you do about it? Is the nasty air dangerous? Read More 

Do You Need To Have Your Central Air Repaired? Let’s Find Out!

When you have central air conditioning in your home, you want to do all you can to keep it in the best running condition. After all, most people with central air conditioning do not have a lot of window AC units just sitting around as backups. If the central AC fails, the house can get really hot really fast. This is why you will want to keep a lookout for signs that your central air conditioning unit might be experiencing some problems. Read More