When Fall Comes, Here’s How To Service Your Air Conditioner

Ah, fall. It's the season when trees lose their leaves, people carve pumpkins, and you start preparing your home for a change in weather. In all of your home maintenance efforts this autumn, it is important not to overlook your air conditioner. It's about to sit unused for several months and preparing it properly can ensure it makes it all the way through to spring without damage. So how do you service your air conditioner in preparation for fall? Read More 

Commercial AC Issues That Might Require Repair

Your commercial air conditioner plays a large role in creating a comfortable environment for your workplace during the summer. When something within the system breaks or no longer works as it should, this could cause your entire office, warehouse, or other business space to become very uncomfortable. Employees distracted by the heat might no longer be able to stay as focused on the job and that could end up costing you money. Read More 

Useful Gas Furnace Information For Homeowners

Sometimes a house can reach dangerously low temperatures, especially when it isn't properly insulated to prevent outside temperatures from affecting the inside. The situation can become even more dangerous if the heating system doesn't work or is unable to produce high enough temperatures. For example, if the gas furnace or a part that is related to it doesn't work, little to no heat will be produced. Although a furnace has the ability to last for a long time, it can still breakdown in an untimely manner depending on how well a homeowner takes care of it. Read More 

Hard-To-Ignore Signs That You Need A New Water Heater

Sometimes homeowners overlook appliances until they experience a breakdown. This often happens to appliances that are less visible due to their location. The water heater in your home is an example of an appliance that is likely to be located in a basement or utility closet. Since you probably do not access these areas often, you may not give your water heater much thought unless it gives you an issue that signals the need for a possible repair. Read More 

Inverter AC: Working Principle And Benefits

An inverter is an electrical device that controls the electrical frequency. An inverter air conditioner has a device that controls the frequency (revolutions) of the compressor motor. Below is an overview of how an inverter AC differs from the non-inverter type, and how inverter ACs might be better. 1. How Inverter ACs Operate To understand how an inverter AC operates, you need to understand how a standard (non-inverter) AC operates first. Read More