How Do You Care For Your Air Conditioner In Winter?

Your air conditioner may not get a lot of use at this time of year, but that doesn't mean it can't benefit from proper care and maintenance. Knowing what to do to maintain your air conditioner during cold months can help you keep your air conditioner in good shape for the warmer months. Maintain Good Air Flow Around the A/C Condenser Good air flow is important to help air conditioners maintain efficiency and avoid corrosion. Read More 

How To Correctly Use A Toilet Snake

If you encounter a tough clogged toilet that will not clear even after a plunger is used, then you will need to use a toilet snake. A toilet snake is metal coil that gets fed down the drain inside the toilet and will clear obstructions by breaking up the material. A toilet snake is typically used by a professional plumber, but you can save yourself a few dollars by doing it yourself. Read More 

No Heat From Your Geothermal System? Troubleshoot These 3 Things Before Calling A Technician

Winter winds are howling outside your door. As you step out of your warm bed, you realize that the air inside your home isn't as warm as it should be. Clearly, something has gone wrong with your geothermal heating system. Before you let panic take over, it's important to realize that the lack of heat doesn't necessarily mean that your geothermal system has suffered a catastrophic failure. In fact, the problem with your system may only require some simple troubleshooting. Read More