Understanding The Causes Of Water Around Your Air Conditioner

When your home has central air conditioning, the last thing you expect to see around the air conditioning unit is water. After all, air conditioners don't hold water, so there's really no source of water to lead to that kind of accumulation. So, what does it mean when you start seeing water around your air conditioner? Here are some of the things you need to know.


The water you're seeing around the base of your air conditioner could simply be condensation. It's a common problem for air conditioners. The air conditioner draws heat out of the air to help cool your home. In the process of this, it also draws moisture out of the air. That moisture has to go somewhere. 

In most cases, the moisture coming from the air is dripped down to the drain pan and then flows out the condensate drain line. However, sometimes damage to the pan can lead to that moisture running out of the pan and directly beneath the air conditioner.

Even if the drain pan is intact, you may find that the water backs up and flows out around the air conditioner because the drain line itself is clogged. Whether it's from debris in the pan or any other issue, a clog in the line will keep the condensation from properly flowing. 

Ice Melt

The evaporator coils inside your air conditioner have refrigerant flowing through them. That refrigerant keeps the coils cold, which allows them to draw heat away from the air that runs through the system. Sometimes those coils get too cold, and they start freezing the condensation that is drawn from the air.

This leads to a buildup of ice on the evaporator coils. Over time, the ice will start to melt, which leads to excess water in the drain pan. While you might think that having the coils so cold that they freeze is a good thing because it means that the system is very cold, this is actually damaging to the coils and causes your system to work overtime to operate correctly.

In either case, if you see water around your air conditioner, you'll need to talk with an AC services professional from a company like Arizona Refrigeration Service Inc for a thorough assessment and repair. He or she can inspect the system and identify the cause of the problem. With the training and expertise that they receive, these technicians have the skills required to fix the problem without causing further damage.