Why Does Your Air Conditioner Put Out Foul Air?

As summer approaches, you're getting ready to put out your air conditioner for the season. You may already have this unit out, which is a great thing to do so you know it's working well. You turn on your AC unit and blast cold air, but then you smell something foul. What is going on? Why does your air conditioner release stinky air? What can you do about it? Is the nasty air dangerous? You should call your HVAC specialist to see why your air conditioner is acting abnormally, but this guide can assist you as well. If your air conditioner is in poor enough shape, you can just get the unit replaced.

Your air filters need to be changed

Do you remember the last time you had the air filters checked or changed on your air conditioner? If you don't, then the problem can easily be that you are using air filters that are older and full of debris. The debris can cause the air that goes through these filters to smell sour or dank, depending on what's clogging them. If air filters are wet, then the air may smell moldy and muddy. If the filters have been stored without being cleaned or replaced, then they may emit a sour or rotting odor. Simply changing out your air filters for new ones and wiping down your AC unit can make a huge difference in air quality. However, if your air conditioner has had exposure to moisture and other issues long-term and there is mold in the unit, then you may want to have the whole air conditioner replaced.

Your air ducts need to be cleaned

If you have central air in your home, then the problem is going to often be your air ducts if there is strange or unwanted odor coming from your cooling system. There may be dust or pollen stuck in the air ducts, allowing this same debris to get tossed into the air when you turn your system on. If this is the case, the air will often smell like mud or dirt and can make your eyes and throat itchy due to the allergens being released into the air.

Another yucky problem that may be causing the air to be foul is this: food or a dead rodent or other animal stuck in the vents. The ducts will often release a very foul odor if there is decay at play, which should be noticeable right away. Your HVAC specialist will be able to diagnose what is causing your air conditioner to stink and will make repairs or replacements as necessary. When you first sniff something wrong when your air conditioner is on, especially if you think you smell smoke, call your HVAC specialist immediately and turn your AC system off. A smoking air conditioner often requires replacement.

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