Three Reasons Why Your House Still Feels Cold When Your Furnace Appears To Be Working

You just do not understand; the furnace seems to be working, but the floors are cold, and when you are barefoot, a constant icy cold draft goes over your bare feet. The house does not feel very warm at all. In fact, it barely feels warm. Why is this happening? Well, there may be a few logical answers to this seemingly troublesome question. 

The Furnace Is Running, but There Is No Fuel

​People with oil-burning furnaces generally take their heat for granted sometimes. Here it is, middle of winter, you are trucking right along, expecting the house to stay warm. You tend to forget that of all of the heating systems you could have, the one that requires the most attention all winter is the one type you own. The furnace itself will keep turning on and trying to warm the house, but if the fuel tank is running on empty, your furnace is running on empty, too. No fuel means no actual heat, even when the furnace appears to be running. If your system uses heating oil, go check the tank now and see if you need more fuel. 

​Drafts Come from All Directions

​Drafts come from all directions. Just put your hand near a window, a door, and even near an outlet in the wall. Feel the cold? When all of these drafts combine, they become the icy breezes you feel on the floor. There are products that can help you seal windows and outlets from drafts in winter, but you will still have to contend with the drafts from a door. By sealing the windows and outlets, you can cut down on the drafts and the house will begin to feel a little warmer (so will the floors). 

Hot Air Rises

​Hot air rises. That is just a scientific fact. Your floors are cold because the hot air heads for the ceilings. Try as you might, it is difficult to keep hot air close to the floor. (The one plus is that a lot of that hot air makes it into the upstairs bedrooms, keeping you very cozy on cold winter nights.)

However, you can use ceiling fans to push some of that hot air back toward the floors. You can also install special heaters underneath the floors to warm all of the floors in your house. Doing both will help your furnace run a little more efficiently while simultaneously keeping the floors much warmer and more comfortable on your bare feet. 

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