Live In A Moderate Climate? 4 Reasons To Switch To A Heat Pump

Do you live in a moderate climate, where the winters are more chilly than cold? If the time has come to update your HVAC equipment, you should consider switching to a heat pump. Heat pumps are sufficient for heating and cooling homes in climates like yours, and they actually offer a lot of advantages over traditional furnace-and-air-conditioner systems.  

1. Heat pumps cost less than traditional systems.

A heat pump is a single unit, whereas with a furnace and air conditioner, you have two separate units. As such, a heat pump costs less than a furnace and air conditioner. You may have to pay some installation costs if your home's ductwork needs to be modified to accommodate the heat pump, but chances are, you will still come out ahead in comparison to the cost of simply replacing your furnace and AC unit.

2. Heat pumps are more eco-friendly.

Furnaces (and boilers, for that matter) burn something to generate heat. The cost of that fuel, whether it be natural gas, oil, or propane, can really add up over time. Plus, burning fossil fuels is not great for the environment. Heat pumps, on the other hand, don't burn anything to generate heat. They are powered by electricity, and they simply move the heat from one space to the other. In many areas, electricity is now generated using greener sources, like water or solar power, which makes heat pumps a healthier choice for the planet.

3. Heat pumps take up less space.

With a heat pump, you can get rid of the big furnace in your basement. A heat pump is just an outdoor unit, (like your air conditioner), and a smaller inside unit, called an air handler, that pumps the air through your home. This should free up some space in your basement or in the area where you currently keep your furnace. 

4. Heat pumps are more efficient.

The cost of running a heat pump will be less than the cost of running a furnace -- as long as you are in a moderate climate. Because of the high efficiency of heat pumps, some electricity and gas companies have begun offering rebates and incentives for customers who make the change. Check to see whether the companies in your area offer such incentives.

If you need a new heating system, perhaps it is time to make a change. A heat pump will provide you with more affordable, eco-friendly heating and cooling.