Advantages Of A Ductless Climate Control System

Ductless climate control systems, also sometimes called ductless mini-splits, are a type of home climate control unit that can provide both heating and cooling depending on the season. As their name would suggest, these types of units also do not have any ductwork. Due to their unique method of operation and the lack of ducts, ductless climate control systems come with a distinctive set of advantages. Understanding what ductless climate control systems have to offer your home can help you figure out if they are the right fit for your heating and cooling needs.


One of the largest advantages of installing ductless climate control systems is the fact that they are extremely quiet in comparison to central units. This is because ductless climate control systems do not need a large fan to blow air throughout the entire home: instead, they only work to circulate air in the room that they are installed within.

Flexibility and Energy Savings

Another major advantage of ductless climate control systems is the fact that they are very flexible. Since units are installed in each room, you are given way more control over how you heat and cool your home and can prioritize climate control in a specific area - like your bedroom - instead of your whole home. This helps reduce the amount of energy that your climate control system uses and also gives you the opportunity to create zones depending on the needs of each room, which can boost your comfort levels significantly.

Air Quality

Another large advantage associated with choosing to install multiple ductless climate control units throughout your home instead of using a central unit is the fact that each unit has its own air filter. This means that your climate control system will filter out contaminants from the air constantly, as opposed to a central unit which can collect and blow dust and pollen within your ductwork.

Ease of Installation

Finally, another advantage of choosing to install multiple ductless climate control units in your home is the fact that their installation is much simpler when compared to a central forced air system. This is because instead of tearing up your walls and ceilings to install ducts and vents, only a small exhaust pipe needs to be used to provide an outlet for your ductless units to eliminate exhaust gases - reducing the cost and the amount of disruption to your home of ductless units.

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