Tips For Improving The “V” (Ventilation) In Your Home’s HVAC System

While having a well-sealed, energy-efficient home is important for keeping your home's power bills affordable, a home that lacks adequate ventilation can become unhealthy for your family. In fact, ventilation is so important that it makes up a third of the acronym for a home's heating and cooling system—heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). Proper home ventilation is vital because it:

  • controls temperature
  • controls moisture
  • reduces air pollutants

To ensure that your home is properly ventilated, follow each of these tips:

Tip: Take Advantage of Natural Ventilation

For generations, people have been ventilating their house using its doors and windows. Rather than running your home's HVAC system all of the time for ventilation, you should take advantage of natural ventilation instead by opening your home's windows and doors when the weather allows you to do so. 

Tip: Always Use Exhaust Fans in the Kitchen and Bathrooms

Your home has exhaust fans installed in its kitchen and bathrooms. The purpose of the fans is to remove offensive smells and to remove excess moisture by providing ventilation. You should always use your bathroom and kitchen fans when you are bathing, showering, or cooking. As you run the fan, it will pull moist or smelly air from the room and vent it outdoors. 

Tip: Inspect and Clean Your Home's Basement and Attic Vents

Your home stores a lot of stagnant air in its basement and attic. During the hot summer months, these spaces hold heat, and in the winter they contain lots of cold air. If their air isn't regularly circulated with clean air from outside, then mold will grow on the structure of your home, and your power bills will increase. To ensure that your attic and basement spaces are properly ventilated, inspect and clean the vents that are located along the perimeter of your home. Clear vegetation away from basement vents and clean all of the basement and attic vents to remove any dirt or leaves that have become trapped in their wire mesh. Clean vents will allow the proper amount of air to flow around your home.

Tip: Have Your Home's HVAC System Serviced and the Ventilation of Your Home Assessed

Finally, if you have not recently had your home's HVAC system inspected and serviced, then you should do so as soon as possible. While the service technician is at your home, they will give you advice about how you can improve your home's ventilation and keep your home safe from excess moisture and unhealthy air. To learn more, contact a company like Extreme's One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning.