A Guide To Maintaining And Fixing Your Condenser Hose

There are many great do-it-yourself HVAC maintenance jobs. With some basic tools and a little instruction, you can do your part to diagnose problems, repair them, and take preventative measures that will ensure your system is energy efficient. The condenser hose is a component that often needs to be serviced or replaced. This article explains how to diagnose problems with your condenser house and the best way to fix them.

Checking The Condenser Hose

The condenser hose runs from the backside of the condenser to the walls. This means that it usually sits on the floor, outside of your home, exposed to the elements. As a result, a number of different things can happen. A rodent could chew through the rubber, it could get knocked loose on either end, or falling debris can kink and block the hose. Basically, it is a good idea to frequently check your hose to make sure it is in good working order. It is best to check your house while your air conditioning is running. This way you can hold your hand up next to it to feel for any leaks. Give both ends of the hose a light wiggle to make sure the connections are tight.

Replacing the Condenser Hose 

If there are actual holes or punctures in the main hose, you might want to just replace the hose completely. It is cheap and easy to fix. Usually, each end of the hose is just attached with a hose clamp. They might also be further secured with some duct tape that you need to tear off to get the hose loose. Replacing the hose completely is also smart because it gives you a chance to check the critical junctures on the backside of the condenser unit and on the cup plain where the hose connects to the wall and feeds into your duct system. Remove any clogs or blockages that are obstructing these vital transition areas.

If you don't have the time or ability to get a replacement hose, you should at least throw some duct tape over the damaged areas. Remember, any air escaping out of the hose is basically air that won't be flowing into your ducts. You will basically be throwing money away because it will take longer to cool down your home. Since the condenser hose is vulnerable, it is always a good idea to check and maintain it.