How To Properly Replace A Furnace Filter

If you fail to service your furnace on a regular basis, you might be experiencing a large utility bill. Luckily, there are a few simple repairs that you can do on your own that will not only make your furnace more efficient, but they will also make it last longer. If you want to run a more energy-efficient household with a smaller carbon footprint, you should keep an eye on your furnace and maintain it as often as possible. This article explains how to properly replace the furnace filter.

Properly Replacing the Furnace Filter

Many people have replaced a furnace filter, but if it is not done properly, it can actually lead to problems. If you want to get the most out of your filter replacement, you need to do more than just remove the old filter and put a new one in. Most importantly, you need to clean the compartment that holds the filter before you put the one in place.

Removing the Old Filter

First, you need to find and remove the filter. The filter compartment is usually in accessible location. However, some in some units it will be inside the main furnace cabinet. If this is the case, you need to open up the furnace and find it. On most furnaces, the filter is in a slot between the ducts and the furnace walls. You probably won't need any tools to pull the old furnace out.

Cleaning the Empty Compartment

Now that your compartment is empty, you should clean it out. A small flashlight will help you to see inside and view what you are actually cleaning. Look for any dust build up within the tracks that the filter slides into. Since the space is quite narrow, you will need to something long and skinny to clean it. Even better, you can use a narrow attachment for a hose vacuum. Basically, use whatever you can to clean any dirt off of the tracks. Also, double check that your new filter is the exact size of the replacement. When you install it, make sure you push it all the way back. Dirt build up in the tracks will prevent the filter from being installed properly. If there is dirty are blowing around your filter, instead of through it, you filter motor will get dirty quicker. This slows down its productivity and costs you money.

You definitely want to make sure you replace your filter properly.