Baby It’s Cold Outside: 3 Problems That Could Prevent Your Furnace From Working Properly

When the cold winter weather rolls in again, you're going to need your furnace to keep you and your family warm. Unfortunately, unexpected breakdowns can leave you in the cold. If you're furnace gives out, take a few minutes to do some troubleshooting. You may be able to discover what the problem is before the repair technician arrives. Here are three problems that could prevent your furnace from operating properly.

Clogged Ducts

If you can hear your furnace running, but you can't feel any warm air blowing through the vents, you might have a problem with your ducts. Clogged ducts can prevent air from getting through to your home. A thorough cleaning of the ducts and vents should restore airflow through your home.

Thermostat Problems

If your furnace isn't working properly, the thermostat is one of the first places you should check. Loose wires, dead batteries and even improper placement can prevent it from working right. Take the cover off your thermostat and replace the batteries. While you have the cover off, inspect the wires to make sure none of them are loose or damaged.

Finally, check out the placement of your thermostat. If it's located near an exterior door or window, there could be a draft that's causing it to cycle on and off too often. When that happens, the furnace isn't able to stay on long enough to cycle properly, which can lead to shorts in the system and ineffective heating. If you notice loose wires or drafts around your thermostat, have your furnace repair technician address those problems when they come out.

Faulty Ignitor or Thermocouple

Your furnace has an ignitor and thermocouple that work together to create warm air. When you turn your furnace on, the thermocouple heats up, which allows the ignitor to fire up. When either of those components aren't working properly, the furnace won't ignite, which means you won't have warm air flowing through the vents. If your furnace isn't igniting, or you can hear a constant clicking sound from the thermostat while the furnace is trying to turn on, you should have your ignitor and thermocouple inspected. They may need to be replaced.

If your furnace has gone on the fritz, use the simple troubleshooting guide provided above to isolate the problem. Be sure to speak to your furnace repair technician about simple things you can do to keep your furnace running properly. Contact a company like Bill's Heating & Air Conditioning for more information.