Is A House Fan The Right Choice For Your Home?

A central air system uses a lot of electricity to power two different fan motors as well as a compressor. Furthermore, depending on the climate around your home, running an AC system through the night might be more than is necessary to keep your home cool. In order to save money on your cooling costs, you should consider installing a house fan.

What Is A House Fan?

 A house fan in not the same thing as a ceiling fan. A ceiling fan simply moves air around a room, and the air movement itself can help to cool your home. A house fan is different in that workers will install a house fan between the ceiling and the roof of your home. By cutting a hole into your attic, you give the fan the ability to vent heat out of your home through the attic. This allows a house fan to cool your home in an entirely different way than an AC unit. 

How Does It Work Differently Than An AC Unit?

An AC unit uses evaporator coils to extract heat from the air in your home. A separate set of condenser coils then expels this heat into the outside air. An AC unit can only cool so much air at a time, so it can take quite some time to cool your house when using an AC unit. With a house fan, you can open your windows and vent heat out of your home even as you pull cool air into your home. A correctly sized house fan can completely replace the air inside you home several times in an hour while using much less electricity than an AC unit. 

How Can You Benefit From A House Fan?

A house fan does not work very well to cool your home during the heat of the day since it will simply pull in hot outside air. On the other hand, whenever the temperature outside your home starts to fall, you can shut off your AC unit and use your house fan to provide the cooling you need. Thus, rather than replacing your AC unit with a house fan, you should consider installing a house fan to help save money on your utility costs while still keeping your home comfortably cool. 

The further north you go, the less you will need an AC unit to keep your home cool during the day. In some climates, a house fan might be all you need. In any case, you should, at least, look into house fans to find out if they could work for your home. For more information, contact companies like Century Heating & Air Conditioning Services.