Air Conditioning Protection And Maintenance

You waited all winter for things to warm up, and now, before you know it, things are going to get hot. Soon, you'll be running the air conditioner, probably your number one survival item for blistering summers. Often, you have at least one breakdown every season. You can limit these issues by being protective of your HVAC system.

Pre-Season Checks

Before you start up your unit, you need to check things over. Clean the outside coils of dirt and debris that has accumulated over the winter. Even if you kept your AC covered, you should ensure that the vents are totally clear. Also, check for any fluid leaks, and make sure you have a clean filter. Turn on your air conditioner and simply listen for weird sounds and check for air flow. If anything seems amiss, call your HVAC technician for a checkup. 

Burn Out Prevention

Summertime brings out the sunshine and the electrical storms. Your air conditioner is at risk of total burnout if it is hit with an electrical surge, something that is common after a power outage strikes. In fact, experts recommend that you unplug your major appliances when the lights go out, even if you have them on a surge protector. These items are recommended for your appliances since they protect them from lesser power spikes during other periods. These steps are simple, but some people neglect them and end up needing serious repairs on their air conditioning. In the worst cases, you are looking at buying a new unit, an expensive proposition.

Thermostat Attention

If your air conditioner fails, check your thermostat, starting with the obvious: the on switch. If you have children in the home, the thermostat can become an irresistible toy. If your thermostat is on and takes batteries, put in fresh ones. If things still do not work, have someone stand next to your HVAC unit while you slowly lower the temperature. The AC should respond to the change. If it does not, you need to contact your HVAC professional.

Summer is on its way, and nothing can ruin the warm sunny days unless your air conditioner conks out. Spring is the perfect time to check things over and do some basic maintenance and testing. It's also the best time to take steps to protect the unit during the season. Taking the time now to deal with AC issues can keep the summer heat at manageable levels. Contact a business, such as Allied Mechanical & Electrical, Inc., for more information.