Treehouse Living

If you are a little adventurous and long for non-traditional living, you should consider building a treehouse as your main residence. Although the idea of full-time above-the-ground living may seem whimsical, it offers some solid advantages to traditional housing. These homes have little in common with the treehouse you had as a child. Before you build a new home, look to the treetops.


Since you are utilizing natural materials, the cost of building a treehouse can be significantly less than a traditional home. A basic model can cost as little as $10,000, in part because you are using an existing tree as the main support for your building. Of course, the more features you add to your treehouse, the more it will cost. You can have a big home with traditional electricity and plumbing plus more extravagant additions, including decks and multiple bedrooms.


Many people would find it impossible to embrace treehouse living without air conditioning. In a hot, humid climate, spending time "up a tree" would be quite uncomfortable without an effective HVAC system. Experts recommend a ductless system that uses wall units to keep the treehouse cool and relaxing in even the most extreme temperatures. Similar solutions can be found for heating needs as well. For help with your air conditioning needs for your treehouse, contact a company like Enright and Sons.


Although treehouses may expose you to some treetop pests, you gain a great deal of safety and security by having a home that far above the ground. The chances of someone pulling a "sneak attack" on your home are practically zero since access will be severely limited. Obviously, flooding is highly unlikely to overtake your home, although you will have to take precautions to keep rain from leaking into your home. You will always have a vantage point from which to survey the surrounding area. If you are security conscious, a treehouse can be a great choice.


If you are an introvert or are simply tired of living surrounded by other people, a treehouse can be a wonderful solution for you. Most treehouses are constructed in heavily wooded areas, so your nearest neighbor will likely be a distance away from you. Even if others are in the area, simply being "above them" will give you more privacy. You will be free to enjoy nature, sunlight, and quiet. For many people, a treehouse reflects a way of life instead of merely a residence.

For people who want their homes to be a lifestyle choice, building a treehouse is a wonderful idea. You can construct a hideaway among the treetops that daily exposes you to all the beauty of nature while protecting you from many troubles that close neighbors bring. You can either embrace a stripped-down home or create a luxurious one, but either way, you will enjoy numerous benefits from going far above ground.